About Us

Zelanga shades was created because we, like many families in Australia have two cars and only one garage, which meant one of our cars stood in the blazing sun for most of the day.

We could not get council approval to build a carport in front of the garage, so our only choice was to put up a temporary gazebo which blew away with the first strong gust of wind.

This led us to design a carport that qualifies as a “TEMPORARY” structure but has the integrity of a “PERMANENT” structure. Our inspiration was drawn form the Eiffel Tower which was built in the year 1887 and only had a 20 year “TEMPORARY” permit, but is still standing “PERMANENTLY” today.

Zelanga Shades have been designed to minimize heat build up and protect your car from bird droppings and the sticky gum from trees, as well as hail damage and sun damage. Besides Carports, we have also seen Zelanga Shades being used as Shade Covers for Entertainment Areas and school playgrounds.

The design of our product has been registered and has engineering specs. All Zelanga Shades are manufactured from the highest quality materials.